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      Great place for the kids and family to have fun The pizza was really good

    thumb Polo Venegas

      This place is awesome great staff great atmosphere definetly coming back!!!

    thumb Jose Espinoza

      Millennium is phenomenal. Their staff is wonderful. Nice facility, very safe environment, and over all good atmosphere. Reasonable prices and lots to do. We will definitely be back.

    thumb Melanie Rogers

      This place is such a great place for our community. The staff is amazing, especially the long haired fellow. It's clean, fun, and affordable. Thank you

    thumb Brandie Harrod

      This place is amazing, with great customer service!! It was perfect for our end of the year field trip!! We'll definitely be back!! Thank you!!

    thumb Andrea Kimbrough Torres

      This place is a GEM! My 2year old had the best time meeting Chase from Paw Patrol. This place is what Yuba/Sutter needs! Everything is expensive, free to come in and we spent $16 for almost 2 hours. Great place to take the kids for some fun. Exceptional staff!

    thumb Michelle Sanchez

      We love going to millenniums!! One of the owners daughter is the sweetest, she would help my son get on the bounce obstacle slide!!

    thumb Melissa Graham


    thumb Rebeca Brooks

      I went for the first time today. My 4 yr old grandaughter had lots of fun meeting Chase from Paw Patrol and taking pictures with him. Staff was very friendly. Place was kept clean. Food was good. Only negative was some of the video games were a bit over priced. Other than that is was a great experience

    thumb Lisa Bacile


    thumb Kimberly Dansby

      Was with my daughter and the grandbabies. Nice and clean, the staff is awesome and the food was good. Reasonbly priced. Wish there was a little more arcade for adults. Will come again..

    thumb Iris Herron

      Kids had a blast, decently priced. Lots to do. Food is delish.. Great fun place for family and kids alike.

    thumb Brandie Lovemetender Sherman

      We love Millennium 😊 It was a bit stuff in there the last time we went but it was 100 degrees outside. The kids always have a blast.

    thumb Esther Dahm


    thumb Shannon Jones


    thumb Irene Salcedo


    thumb Christina Mederos


    thumb Katrina Moore


    thumb Collin Stewart

      I love what you guys are doing for the community, you have my full support.

    thumb Ryan Stevenson


    thumb Sandy Arguijo

      All of the staff we very friendly and good with the kids. Had our 16th year old sons birthday here it was perfect! The VIP room was awesome.

    thumb Jackie Bustillos

      Loved it. Was impressed with the whole place and staff

    thumb Sylvia Ayala

      Fun Place, my son loves to play in the tubes, best part my son is three and sometimes he needs help, and they let me go in the tubes to help him.

    thumb Regina Steele


    thumb Bianca Blanco

      We attended a birthday party here today and it was amazing! Fantastic customer service. They were great with all of the kids and handled all the craziness of 20 kids so well! I was very impressed and I will definitely go here again!

    thumb Rhonda Massey

      Had my 3 kids party here and it was awesome. The staff was great. KDog and Joker were the best!

    thumb Rosie Cornett Boyle


    thumb Nicole Bowin Tarwater


    thumb Sara Nichols

      So much fun! We all had a blast! Pricing is awesome!

    thumb Jessica Pinegar

      Wow way more fun then i thought. Had the best day ever, i cant wait to go back.

    thumb Jonathan Pinegar

      Staff is excellent with the kids! Lots of stuff to do. Love the digital ticket system for the games. We had a blast.

    thumb Shane Kaylor


    thumb Tammie Rickertsen Rossiter

      great place for the kiddos! We had an awesome time!👏👏👏

    thumb Andrea Mangan

      We had a wonderful time, after all the kids were in the building and the eggs were almost gone little "easter bunnies" put out more. Going though the Lazer tag room was very cool. Couldn't see any eggs but my daughter glowed. Then she went and played in the play area for about 45 minutes. Will definitely come back to experience some of the things that they have there. ��

    thumb Tina Monette

      Fantastic.. amazing beats Chuck E. Cheese easily!!

    thumb Dustin Casner


    thumb Mandy Rozell


    thumb Vanessa Boone

      We went here for the first time the other day and the kids had a fantastic time. It's a great place to go when kids need to burn some energy and it's raining outside or too hot.

    thumb Amanda Book


    thumb Donna Paternoster

      Great time with the kids! Bracelets were a hit! Great employees, great place! Thank you!

    thumb Richard Gray


    thumb Kendra Proano


    thumb Daniella Spadini

      GREAT FAMILY FUN-TIME PLACE!!! The food & games are just what you need after a long week....

    thumb Cynthia Rene

      This place is awesome!! My friends and I come up from Chico sometimes to play in the playplace like we once did as kids in the guys need a ball pit! That'd be soooooo sick! Haha...thanks for bringing is back to 1995 😀

    thumb Melanie Savage


    thumb Jordan Meyer

      Friendly staff and they are very supportive of the community. I love that they have different events/activities (in addition to their fun center) my kids enjoy like Pokemon and family karoke. And thank you for hosting the military appreciation day. It made us feel welcomed in our new residence. <3 Keep up the great work! Thank you!

    thumb Kristine Pulido


    thumb Leatia Kirk


    thumb Jessica Lee

      The kids really love it they all ways have fun hear

    thumb Nancy Dunn

      Is an amazing place to take your kids and have fun

    thumb Maria Madrigal

      Joker was HELLA LIT FAM ! � it's was an amazing experience you guys will be seeing us again February 28 for my Birthday fam!

    thumb Brianna Rangel


    thumb Farrar Brandon


    thumb Lisa Kelley

      Place was awesome! Had no clue it was there. Until I somehow stumbled on it online. Hopefully it stays busy enough to stay open here. We need a place like this.

    thumb Johnny Carreras

      We took our girls (3 and 6). Great venue with AMAZING staff. We had interactions with Bret who helped our 6 yr old to top of the rock wall. Also a young man in the jungle gym area who does a killer Mickey Mouse impression. Very helpful, professional and fun gentleman. We will be back!

    thumb Janelle Moreno

      We had our sons birthday party at Millennium today and he had the best time!! The facility is kept clean, the structures are maintained, the staff is friendly and knowledgeable, the arcade games are all new and good technology. The party shirt to sign is a fun detail too. The staff knew exactly what to do to host the party and the best part is mom and dad got to sit back and enjoy it. I never once had to stop and ask them to do anything. They went above and beyond. Keon is by far the best employee! He was upbeat, excited, creative, kind hearted, and fun! It's so great to not only have a place for our kids to enjoy in Yuba City but to have staff like Keon who add so much more to the fun. � Thank you all for a great day!!

    thumb Natalie Murphy


    thumb Tiffany Bower

      My boys love to play at Millennium! They have friendly service, great food (pizza is so good!), and fun games. I would recommend trying it out!

    thumb Lindsay Russon McCauley


    thumb Maggie Irby


    thumb Dave Irby

      Thanks for giving us a local option for family fun! It was perfect for today's rainy weather. It's clean, super friendly & the kids (&parents) had a blast. There is something for everyone & the prices are reasonable.

    thumb Melissa Graham Remington


    thumb Brittney Osgood

      Don't think this is just for kids!! My family of ages 2-53 years old went. We all had fun!!!

    thumb Libby Wilder Fitzgerald

      Great PIZZa!! Reasonable prices! Awesome customer service! I'm going to try the lazer tag with my nephews next could spends hours here!!! It's REALLY COLD in there since heaters haven't been installed or whatever( wear your gloves..scarves..and beenies)..but definately PLANNING TO GO BACK SOON!!

    thumb Susana Vega

      What a beautiful thing they have created for the youth in this city, very long overdue thank you to the owners and masterminds behind this!!!

    thumb Devin Koranda


    thumb Jake Fitzgerald


    thumb Natalie Zunino

      Very busy for the Holiday, but still had a great staff busting hump to make sure everyone had a good time. Lasertag was a blast, kids had fun with tockclimbing, and bumpercars. Oh and we had a lil video basketball tournament Keep it up guys! Great job bringing this to our community.

    thumb Josh Brumley


    thumb Jessica Magnes-Cox

      Great Fun! Staff was very nice. There were a lot of good options for kids of various ages - bumper cars, Lazer tag, play land, video games, etc. Prices seemed more affordable than options in Sac or Roseville as well.

    thumb Bryn Burns

      Just had my daughters birthday there this afternoon. AMAZING party. Katy ( K dog) our party host was phenomenal. My daughter loved her and she made it so special for the whole family. I definitely recommend it for your next birthday party and I would request Katy every time.

    thumb Rikki Mclean

      Our whole family went there . Everyone from 60 down to 3yrs old. There was so much to do and we had so much fun......Great place for this area!!

    thumb Cheryl Donaldson

      Our daughter loved it , her and her friends will return

    thumb Angelica Fox


    thumb Ang U Maria

      We came here for the first time for our friends sons birthday- Great people, great food, and great fun! So thankful for something like this in Yuba City, Finalyl! Excellent!

    thumb Wendolyn Rose Cooper


    thumb Christopher Lowry


    thumb Stephanie Crets

      I took my son for his 6th birthday and he had a blast!! Great customer service and the prices weren't bad either! They make their pizza from scratch and it's delicious! <3

    thumb Jessica Robertson

      I have three kiddos with me including two tots. We ALL had a blast!!! I recommend having a buddy close in age and size to help with the fun. Staff was helpful. Prices were decent and their was something for everyone. So glad to have something like this in Yuba for our Youth. Thanks Millennium ♡♡

    thumb Jen Patty

      Great experience finally something positive for the youth in this area..My son had a blast

    thumb Shannon Barabin


    thumb Hannah Martinez


    thumb Tracy Bergeron

      Tried to get a job there, went for the first interview, never got a call back for second one. So I think I'm not going to take my nephew's there for any games.

    thumb Gregorio Skelley


    thumb Lynette Garcia

      We had our granddaughters party here!! It was awesome, all of the employees were so helpful and friendly!! My granddaughter had such a good time, she loved everything!!!

    thumb Char Lene

      Awesome place, service, food and the staff just sooo friendly!! Have a military discount and just endless fun!! We went on Saturday night and believe me...we'll be back again!!! Try the Ohana fries!!!

    thumb Christina Howell

      Thank you so much for a wonderful Birthday Party experience! ! EVERYTHING was PERFECT.

    thumb Brenda Bradley LaBrue

      Awesome place! Great Laser Tag arena. Set up really well for families. The food is GREAT! They have the best pizza ANYWHERE! Seriously! The fries have great toppings. Never seen anything like it! You must try the "Ohana" fries!

    thumb Robert Johnson


    thumb Melissa Wilcoxson

      Such a great place to bring the family. There's nothing like it in the Yuba/Sutter area. Very reasonable prices. Wonderful staff! Delicious pizza and loaded fries. Come just for the food, even!

    thumb Sue Vallier

      Best place for fun, more fun! The owner's are terrific �Thanks for all that you have done. It is an amazing place �

    thumb Teresa Pangelina Dickens

      This is a great addition to our city just what we needed

    thumb Randy Potts II

      I may be biased but I love our place, our staff, our food, our customers. It's alllll good!

    thumb Amy Wilder

      We are so happy to have this in our area. The layout is perfect, the staff is exceptional and the price is right. We had a great time. See you again soon!

    thumb Diahna De La Vara

      Very clean and the staff are so friendly.....glad you are here and have employees that are so helpful

    thumb Cathy Jordan

      Love there is something in town now. The party host was extremely awesome at the party we attended! How this place stays clean and cared for as it appears now.

    thumb Jeanene Castaneda


    thumb Jeanette Marine


    thumb Andrew Nolasco

      Super awesome place! Loved how clean it was and the staff are awesome. Also, the card credits were so much better than dealing with paper tickets. We have needed a place like this for so long. Yay!

    thumb Jean Marie Storni

      We had so much fun tonight!!! We have just moved to the area from North Carolina and this was a great place to come and have fun as a family!! Our 3 year old had the time of her life! We will for sure be back very soon! And y'all have an amazing staff who really care about what they are doing. Thank you for a family fun place!!

    thumb Katiee Lo


    thumb Katie Mobley


    thumb Krystal Wyatt

      Lots of fun! We did the race cars, laser tag and bumper cars! So grateful to have a place like this in town!

    thumb Sherry Sawares-Ekdawy

      Plenty of fun for the kids and adults if you're into go karts and laser tag!

    thumb Mitchell Perigo


    thumb Isaac Anthony Garcia


    thumb Tiffany Clements

      Absolutely LOVE that this fun family business is HERE! Thank you Millennium for giving families a place to PLAY, safely!!

    thumb Erin Smith-Edwards


    thumb Celene Wolf

      My son loved it here and the owners are very down to earth. Prices are reasonable. We will definitely return again and again. So grateful to have such and awesome place for family's in Yuba City.

    thumb Diana Patterson

      This place is incredible! My friends and I went there for the Halloween Teen Party, and us, the staff, and a few others laser-tagged and did karaoke and stuff. It was a blast, and I'm certainly going there again soon

    thumb Ethan E. Erhart


    thumb Tim Core


    thumb Vin Gill

      Check this place out! Its a brilliant small start up with massive potential and so much fun! The staff is great and they put your kids first. If you live in Yuba city and have children this is the place you've been waiting for. Take the family and be a hero!

    thumb Kyle Wheeler


    thumb Punjabi Fashio

      Sooo much fun!!!! 😀 Myself along with all the other families and children I saw during my visit yesterday all had big smiles on their faces. It's contagious! 🙂 Super fun place to play, even if your an adult. Really well ran place! 🙂 They are open for business (limited hours, but not for long) already despite a few things still being under construction which is amazing. I can't wait to go back!

    thumb Alessandra N. Durfey

      So nice to have something like this in town! The owner was so patient with my son (7 us old) who was a first timer. He was informative and made sure he could race comfortably. Our family will definitely be back!!

    thumb Nikki Allgood


    thumb Heather Uhlry


    thumb Shellee Wisner Coggins


    thumb Nichelle Jones-Garner

      Lots of stuff for kids to do. Clean and staff super nice

    thumb Jackie Houser Sillman

      I have two kids, ages 3 and 10. There was plenty for both of them to do! The staff is so friendly and the kids had a blast!

    thumb Samantha Donaldson

      This place is GREAT! I look forward to bringing several groups here for team building for the youth and for the mommy and me times!

    thumb Kristy Tubbs


    thumb Dave Miller

      We've seen this coming together since day 1. The owners have poured every ounce they had into this place. A place that was needed in the Yuba- Sutter area. We've had a chance to have fun in the fun center and it was a complete blast. I have no doubt that once it is fully open it is going to be a huge success. I recommend everyone to bring their family here. The fact there is awesome indoor kart racing in the same building is amazing. Please make sure you tell your friends and family to spread the fun!

    thumb Kristina Donaldson

      Such a awesome place for great family fun, my grandkids can't wait to go again!!

    thumb Cathy Smallwood Lay


    thumb Dean Jensen


    thumb Matthew Priddy

      I had a great time, it's a little more my hubby's thing than mine but I'm super thrilled to finally have a place like this that's local. If it had a roller rink it would have totally earned the 5 th star lol.

    thumb Crystal Kirk

      Went there wensday night for the ribbon cutting ceremony . It was a total blast!

    thumb Timothy Tudor


    thumb Shellee Ann Peters

      I would give you guys a full five stars if you would just lower your prices for birthday parties�, other than that your place seems pretty cool, I'll have to check it out sometime!!

    thumb Lisa M Timms

      Teen Birthday party was great! So excited for this and we had so much fun.

    thumb Kristen Bird

      Had my son's birthday party there last weekend. It was so awesome! We had a first grader, six 4th graders, two 8th graders, and two 9th graders, as well as a half dozen parents. Everyone had a great time... this place is great for all ages! The laser tag arena is set up really well and was tons of fun, the jackets were lightweight compared to other places we've played, and the parents had as much fun as the kids in there! The kids loved the bumper cars and the giant play structure, while parents were winning tickets on the video games lol! The party hosts were amazing and kept the kids energized and entertained, and the party was creative from the decorated birthday shirt to the magic tricks in the party room. We've been to quite a few venues toward Roseville and I have to say this was the best party yet. Whether you're looking for a party place or just something to do in town, I'd highly recommend this place! We'll definitely be hanging out here often 😀

    thumb Angela Mandarino

      Just wanted to say a big THANK YOU to the owners. Me, my son and daugher-inlaw went down there last night to see what this whole new "Millennium family entertainment center" was all about and to see if it was even open yet. And although it wasn't up and running the doors were open, so we had a chance to take a look around. AMAZING... Is all i can say... We were greeted and shown around and told all about what an amazing place this is and the transformations that have taken place. I just want to say Thank You for not just all the hard work you all have put in to making such an amazing center, but for thinking about the kids in our community. For giving them a place to make memories and a place where they can be kids. If only we had more people like you in our Community who put more heart and soul into our children. Giving them a place to have fun in a good environment instead of hang out at a park and getting themselves into trouble. As a mother of two and seeing first hand that theres not much for the kids to do around this town, I thank you so very much.... Keep up the good work.

    thumb Tonya Collman

      I had my daughter's birthday party there and the kids loved it had lots of fun and the staff did an awesome job

    thumb Karl Sanders


    thumb Ali Shelton


    thumb Matt Lepage


    thumb Benjamin Barajas

      Not only are the owners down to earth. They worked super hard to build a place we can all enjoy in our town. Finally!!!!! I love this place so much. 🙂

    thumb Chelsea Brockett


    thumb Lynn LaBonty


    thumb Abel Perez Delahoya

      Took my boys in to race the carts the first day of summer, I absolutely loved driving the carts, only downside was my boys wanted to go twice and we had to wait a long time for the other four parties that were not even there when we got there to get their turn before we got our second turn. It was very hot and I wish we'd understood we'd have to wait if we bought two races.

    thumb Tambra Tami Potts Courtright


    thumb Triston McCarty


    thumb Olivia Brock Couey


    thumb Sylvia Dlc Hernandez Langley


    thumb Kevin Scheive


    thumb Kaitlin Shalene Bennett


    thumb Glenda Sullivan


    thumb Myranda Carino

      We had a lot of fun driving the cars BUT, and it is a small one, if those in your group are willing to go again you shouldn't have to wait an hour for the group that isn't even done thier briefing yet.

    thumb Billy D. Priddy


    thumb Andrea Miller

      Can't wait for it to be open and we can go. Looking awesome.

    thumb Joanne Shore

      Cannot wait until this is done!! Woohoo! I'm just as excited as my son and the rest of my family! You ladies are doing such an awesome thing for our community

    thumb Nomi McGrath

      I love this place because it is right next to my job where I work I mean directly across from the warehouse but on the other side so like after work I can just walk over and watch people on the go carts where I work for AT&T, PG&E, and Cal-Trans so if I didn't work there nobody would have power to there houses, no internet, no home phone service, no cable (etc.) And we a make cables to send off to them to ship so they can install power to each house

    thumb Skyler Zane Hamblin

      Reminds me of jungle Jakes off Lincoln rd by java n 7/11 can't wait to take my kids hope it's better then bounce pounce and $8 a hour crap. Rather pay $8 for as long as you want.

    thumb Tammy Reeves


    thumb Joy Scott

      I can't wait to have all events there from birthday parties to large gatherings,

    thumb Zena Johnson

      I am so elated to be blessed to be part of such a beautiful, (and sorely needed in this community,) project! Thank you to those friends that are so giving of their time, & labor!

    thumb JeNę SaisQuoi

      I can't wait for this place to open. Me and the kids will be hanging here often.

    thumb Amy McFarland

      Fantastic ! Just what we need in this area for family's. It will be nice to have this in our own community, 45 minutes drive time is a lifetime for small full of energy children. Brilliant idea girls !

    thumb Leslie Coupe


    thumb Mary Mc Ginnis

      Can't WAIT!!!:-)))

    thumb Jennelle Marie Cropsey

      Sounds like fun. Only I wish they would include a nice miniature golf course!

    thumb Laura Delgado Kim

      I'll b there every day

    thumb Cory Smith

      I can't wait. Our area needs something like this. So proud of you girls!

    thumb Amanda Barreto