Meet Our Cast!!! (Chelsea B.)





Once a week we will highlight one member of our amazing cast!  Make sure you say “Hello” next time you see these familiar faces!

Meet Chelsea, one of our amazing Party Heroes!!

“On what little days I do have off I still come to Millennium because, all my friends are here or I invite myself to my moms house so she can feed me!”  Chelsea joked.  “The families.. I had an 8 year old girl named Sofia and it was the first time I ever dealt with a “party dad” (rather than a “party mom”) and he had originally told me there would be 10-15 kids, within the first 20 minutes of the party I had a total of 22 kids!! Not only was the family genuinely welcoming, they had so much love for each other that they reminded me of my own family and THAT by far was my favorite party of all time!!”  She recounted after being asked about why she loved being a party hero.  “Yes, even though it was months ago I remembered the name, the age and all about the family!!”

Q:  What is your favorite game to play on Not-Bored Board Game Night?
A:  I come every week because I love to support our Game Master Kdogg but, honestly I love all board games!  My favorite night was when our Yoga teacher Elizabeth Smith and her son Hunter came and we played Phase 10 — we had a blast!

Q:  If you could have three wishes what would they be?
A:  That’s easy, my first wish would be to make sure I had milk in my refrigerator at all times.  Second I would have a butler just for pizza.  Third, I would ask that my mom is taken care of for the rest of her life — what ever she wants she gets!!

Q:  What is your favorite item on the Millenni-Yum Cafe menu?
A: Easily the Chicken Carbonara fries with sausage added for extra flavor.. and don’t forget the dark chocolate peppermint mocha’s we have.. they literally have to keep them stocked for me and a couple other employees.

Q:  If you could be a Disney Character, which one would you be?
A:  I have to go with my instincts — Dory! You have to believe in yourself and keep going even if the people around you insist you’ll fail …. also because I know how to speak whale.

Q:  What is your best memory at Millennium?
A:  The night that we opened, all of the employees had signed a card for our bosses. At the end of the night we gave it to them as we video taped their reaction, it was heartwarming to see their pride and true happiness as they realized how far they had come.  There wasn’t a dry eye in the room.  I’ll never forget that moment.