Meet Our Cast (Garrett C.)

Once a week we will highlight one member of our amazing cast!  Make sure you say “Hello” next time you see these familiar faces!

Meet Garrett C., our Low Speed Collision Specialist/ Pokemon Expert

Garrett’s main job here at Millennium is Low Speed Collision Specialist which he is GREAT at, but he is also one of our Pokemon Specialists!  Garrett has been playing Pokemon his entire life!  When we asked him to tell us exactly how long he’d been playing Garrett said, “It came out in Japan in 1996 and I had almost turned 2 so I’ve basically been playing my whole life!” We also asked how he feels about Pokemon as a whole, Garrett said, “Well Pokemon is a series that has a very special place in my heart and I don’t plan on quitting any time soon!”  Our friend Garrett is also engaged to be married to a very sweet girl.  He and his fiance have been together for almost a year and a half and we think they’ll have a very happy life together!

Q:  What game do you play most often when you’re here at Millennium?
A:  I love monster drop and now that we have Space Invaders I like that alot too, I actually got the high score on Space Invaders THREE times in one day!

Q:  What attractions do you like to do?
A:  It would definitely have to be laser tag!

Q:  If you could be a Disney Character, which one would you be?
A:  Woody from Toy Story!  I either like ALL of Toy Story 2 or the final moments of Toy Story 3, which made me cry! Toy Story came out when I was 1, after we went to go see the movie my mom bought me a Woody, which I still have

Q:  What do you enjoy about working at Millennium?
A:  Meeting all different types of people and getting to see all the employees every day

Q:  What item on the Millenni-Yum Cafe menu do you HAVE to have on lunch?
This question is easy, I always get either the mini corndogs or a burger and fries!

Q: What is your favorite memory here at Millennium
It has to be the making of the Pokemon Events that we have here today, it was just an idea that I had that I thought would be neat to make a reality and we did!