Meet Our Cast (Mikey H.)

Once a week we will highlight one member of our amazing cast!  Make sure you say “Hello” next time you see these familiar faces!

Meet Mikey H, one of our Amazing Party Heroes

According to Mikey he’s one of the weirdest people you’ll ever meet!  He has been with us since our Party University Training during the summer of 2016 and has become and Awesome Party Hero!  Mikey says he’s very random and is much more energetic than the average person.  The chicken dance is his favorite extra curricular activity.  On his spare time he likes to go to the gym, play games and hang out with his coworkers.

Q:  What game do you play most often when you’re here at Millennium?
A:  Crossy Road but his high score is still no where close to Ryders! (The owners 5 year old son.)

Q:  What attractions do you like to do?
A:  Laser tag!

Q:  If you could be a Disney Character, which one would you be?
A:  The Genie from Aladdin — we have the same goofy personality

Q:  What do you enjoy about working at Millennium?
A:  Interacting with kids mainly, because I am a big kid!

Q:  What item on the Millenni-Yum Cafe menu do you HAVE to have on lunch?
Carbanara Fries with barbeque sauce

Q: What is your favorite memory here at Millennium
A day with Millennium staff researching possible testing out possible attraction additions, a large group of the staff all went together and we had a great time!