Meet Our Cast (Veronica C.)

Once a week we will highlight one member of our amazing cast!  Make sure you say “Hello” next time you see these familiar faces!

Meet Veronica C. Our Director of First Impressions,

Veronica spends most of her time with her children.  Her 5 year old son Lucianno says he loves his mom because she brings him to her work!  Veronica says she loves her job because she gets to interact with people and she loves her coworkers.  She has been with us since the very beginning and we hope she stays for a lonnnng time!

Q:  What game do you play most often when you’re here at Millennium?
A:  My kids and I really like the  Ticket Time games, that’s where we get most of our tickets, plus my kids like the IceBall Game.

Q:  What attractions do you like to do?
A:  Play Planet

Q:  If you could be a Disney Character, which one would you be?
A:  I would be the Little Mermaid because she gets to swim all around the ocean

Q:  What do you enjoy about working at Millennium?
A:  Watching the kids walk through the door and seeing their faces light up when they walk in

Q:  What item on the Millenni-Yum Cafe menu do you HAVE to have on lunch?
The Clogger Pizza is my favvvvorite!!

Q: What is your favorite memory here at Millennium
Our Potluck before we opened, I got to meet alot of the employees for the first time and we had GREAT food!