Millenni-Yum Cafe

Gyro Fries!

Gyro fries, with mozzarella, gyro meat, lettuce, and tzatziki sauce

Come get yours today!

In honor of Cinco De Mayo…


In honor of Cinco De Mayo come and get a Not-Yo Pizza today!!

Regularly $23 today ONLY $15 (plus tax)!!

Our scrumptious Not-Yo Pizza has a nacho cheese base, tender carne asada, jalapenos and a sour cream drizzle after it comes out of the oven! mmmm mmm good!

Try Our Delicious New Flyin’ Hawaiian

Our delicious Flyin’ Hawaiian is smothered in white sauce and garlic, topped with extra cheese, diced chicken, crispy bacon and juicy pineapples — come get yours today, while your mouth is still watering!!

National Pi Day

In honor of of National Pi Day come in and get some of our pie…. pizza pie!!
Our Flyin’ Hawaiin is topped with our delicious white sauce, diced chicken, bacon, pineapple and extra cheese!! Order yours today!!