Nerf Party Add On!!

Let’s add some action to your party!! Transform any of your attractions into a Nerf War for only $30 extra!! We’ll supply the Nerf Guns, bullets and our awesome arena along with your Party Hero to act as your personal body gaurd — will you be victorious?

Kiddos may bring their own Nerf guns, all guns must take our bullets, no modified guns. Players will be supplied with safety goggles and are required to wear them during the game.

Our Teen Parties are out of this world with coolness

Your teen and five lucky friends should get ready for the party of the YEAR!!! They’ll have UNLIMITED access to laser tag, bumper cars, rock wall AND play planet from 7:30 to 10:00pm!! They’ll even get $10 for games AND their very own VIP party room with black light reactive decorations, two large one-topping pizzas and unlimited drinks!!

Is there a cooler way to celebrate your birthday? —– we didn’t think so either.

Meet Our Cast (Mikey H.)

Once a week we will highlight one member of our amazing cast!  Make sure you say “Hello” next time you see these familiar faces!

Meet Mikey H, one of our Amazing Party Heroes

According to Mikey he’s one of the weirdest people you’ll ever meet!  He has been with us since our Party University Training during the summer of 2016 and has become and Awesome Party Hero!  Mikey says he’s very random and is much more energetic than the average person.  

The Queen of Silly Faces

Not only do our Party Heroes provide the entertainment and the service, but they add their own personal touch to each party, as if it were their own.  Kdogg is making such a silly face we thought you’d enjoy it just as much as we did!  Give us a call today to request Katy as your Hero!