What cool new stuff will be going home with you?

TJ got a whoopie cushion, a flashing mouth piece and tons of candy and he was STOKED!!  Come in today and watch your child’s face light up with all the fun stuff they’ll be taking home along with the awesome memories they’ll make here with us!

You can NOW exchange tickets for ….

You can NOW exchange your tickets for ATTRACTIONS!!! Yup, play some games and enjoy the tickets you win by trading them for a bumper car ride or a games of laser tag!! What a sweeeeet deal!!

25 tickets well earned

This roll of 25 tickets has a funny story behind it!  The claw isn’t holding the roll, the roll is actually STUCK on one of the prongs of the claw!  We had a great laugh with this girl and her family and they had a geat night as well!! We’re so glad you got your tickets!

Flying Fists

Flying fists are a customer favorite and for only 45 tickets we know why!! Come get yours today!

Check Out Our Favorite New Prize!

We just got a big shipment of new prizes and this fun lamp is definitely our favorite!!  It is a color changing bubble lamp, it has all the colors of the rainbow and would brighten up any room!  Win yours today!!