yuba city party hero

Party Hero’s aren’t just regular people


Your party heroes job is to make your birthday celebrations go as smoothly as possible by catering to party mom’s everywhere. Not just by making sure mom enjoys herself and doesn’t lift a finger but also by assuring the concentration remain on the birthday kid while staying safe and having the most fun you’ll ever have at a party

Customer Service like you’ve never seen


Games, Pizza and bounce houses — yes, those things are awesome but, we’re about so much more!! We pride ourselves on our hand picked staff, great customer service skills and our goal to go the extra mile for YOU!! So come in today to have some fun and you’ll leave with some new memories!

The Queen of Silly Faces

Not only do our Party Heroes provide the entertainment and the service, but they add their own personal touch to each party, as if it were their own.  Kdogg is making such a silly face we thought you’d enjoy it just as much as we did!  Give us a call today to request Katy as your Hero!