yuba sutter arcade

Fun Prize Story!


Polo and his family were visiting us yesterday for the first time and they were SO excited to win their stuffed animal out of the Prize Cube until they realized it was stuck!! The claw went right through the tag of their prize and just hung there! We were happy to get it out for him and we’re glad his family had such a great time during their visit!

Special Needs Family Time

We had a blast at our Special Needs Family Time event today!  We had quite a few people try new things today! If you weren’t able to make it to this one, stay tuned for our next one this summer!

A special thanks to Reuben the comfort dog, we really enjoyed having you here!

25 tickets well earned

This roll of 25 tickets has a funny story behind it!  The claw isn’t holding the roll, the roll is actually STUCK on one of the prongs of the claw!  We had a great laugh with this girl and her family and they had a geat night as well!! We’re so glad you got your tickets!