…Hey.. that tree is upside down..

Yes! Our Christmas Tree IS upside down!! Here’s some interesting facts about upside Christmas Trees!!  Come on in and check out our tree and all of our awesome homemade ornaments made by our incredible customers!

Thanks for hanging out with us Hayden!

Hayden was the first customer of the day today!  He and his mom rode bumper cars and had a greeeat time!! He also spent most of the day playing fun games in Play Planet!! Thanks for the great time Hayden

Tried all of our Specialty Fries? We’ve got a good idea..

Specialty Onion Rings..? 

Have you tried ALL of our specialty Fries and lovvvved each and every one?  Does your mouth water every time the Millenni-Yum Cafe is mentioned but, you’re looking for something new?  We’ve got just the thing for you!

Try all 15 different types of our Specialty Fries with Onion Rings instead!! Check out these delectable Chicken Carbanara Onion Rings!! Come grab an order today!